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Provincetown psychic releases 'Orbs' over the Outer Cape
Wicked Local Provincetown
Also inhabiting the surrounding woods are a diverse assortment of spirits, from a 17th century pirate greedily guarding his buried treasure to William Gibson, author of “The Miracle Worker. ... “I do almost all of my freelance work at home, alone, at night.

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Central Florida Future

UCF students use supernatural skills to see future, speak with spirits
Central Florida Future
"My mother works with spirit guides, crystal healings, and she is a professional now," Bigler said. "She does kind of palm readings but through spiritual foot massages." After his mother had the internal thought that Bigler had the psychic abilities too, he started ...

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Irish Examiner

The sixth sense: Psychic mediums comfort the grieving but others urge caution
Irish Examiner
He said, 'My name is Darren.' I said, 'What are you doing here?' He said, 'My mother was with you tonight, but I couldn't get through to her and I couldn't get through to you. I died with meningitis when I was 14. Will you phone Mam tomorrow and tell her I'm OK?' “That was the same lady ... She echoes the message of “hope” that mediums offer to the bereaved, and adds that a hunger for communion with the spirit world comes from an age-old yearning in people for something spiritual in their lives. “People deal with a ...