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Boca Raton (blog)

Renowned Medium Hosts 'Spirit Circles' in Boca
Boca Raton (blog)
When was the first time you realized you had psychic abilities? My first answer is that I had my first experiences since I was born, and I don't have any memories of not seeing deceased people or having dreams and then the next day they would happen.

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Montana Kaimin

Psychic fair passes through
Montana Kaimin
Rivera described Water Lilies as a place of body, mind, spirit, health and healing. ... “Each tarot card has a certain meaning, but sometimes what comes out of my mouth is not what the card is intended for, and that is the psychic ability, so I am a psychic first.

Thu, 23 Oct 2014 04:11:58 GMT

I brought a psychic to Rick James's grave
I'm here with psychics Carol Ruth and Rich Pawelski hoping to channel the spirit of Slick Rick because... well I suppose there is no good reason, but happy Halloween! I've never actually visited the popular celebrity gravesite, so earlier that day I decided to scope out Rick ... I pull up to the approximate location in my car and walk the rest of the way through the green cemetery to James's lavish tombstone. It's the biggest tombstone in sight. It weighs approximately two tons and it's black as black can be. An image of ...